7' Nylon Slip Leash
7' Nylon Slip Leash
7' Nylon Slip Leash
7' Nylon Slip Leash


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Redline K-9 Door Crasher

7' Nylon Slip Leash

  • 1/2" Diameter nylon rope
  • 7' Length only
  • Available in choice of colors
  • Reinforced polyamide core
  • Very weather resistant
  • No collar necessary
Black Slip Leash
Blue Slip Leash
Red Slip Leash

This flexible nylon slip leash is the perfect pick up and go leash. 7' long when adjusted to the smallest size and 1/2" in diameter, this leash is suitable for everyday use. The outer nylon is soft and supple in your hands and the reinforced Polyamide core makes it extra strong. This leash features a metal ring and leather clip to limit the minimum and maximum range for the slip end to ensure an ideal fit for your dog. Weather resistant this leash wipes clean easily.