In The Beginning

Redline K-9 was founded in 2006 in Langley British Columbia by a married couple with a passion for the German dog sport of Schutzhund. Having already run a successful dog sport equipment company, Ralph and Shelley Gilby founded Redline K-9 based on a simple principle of providing quality dog training equipment at a reasonable price.

Originally all Redline K-9 equipment was manufactured in Ralph and Shelley's livingroom on a single sewing machine. Today, Redline K-9 manufactures equipment in three facilities located in Canada and the United States.

With a dealer network located acrosss North America, South America, Australia and Europe, Redline K-9 has become an internationally recognized and trusted brand amongst dog trainers of every discipline.

Handmade In North America

Redline K-9 products are manufactured in small batches, by hand, at our production facilities located in British Columbia, Washington State and Ohio.

As dog trainers ourselves, we understand the importance of quality equipment and every piece of Redline K-9 equipment we manufacture goes through our rigorous quality control process before leaving our facility.

Redline K-9 leather products are manufactured in our Amish leather shop using old world crafting teqhniques refined and passed down over generations.

Refined By Experience

Ralph Gilby has been working with dogs since he was 19 years old and competing in Schutzhund for more than 25 years. Ralph currently holds the record for the most Canadian National first place finishes and has competed at the WUSV World Championship six times with three different dogs. Ralph is well known and respected in the Schutzhund community for his work as both a helper and a handler.

Current employees of Redline K-9 have competed at the local, regional, national and world level in the sport of IGP and we work closely with members of local law enforcement to continually refine our product line based on real world experience. One of our core beliefs is that in the world of dogs, there is no replacement for experience.