Bungee Shock Absorber

Redline K-9

Bungee Shock Absorber

  • Nylon encased 5/8" shock cord
  • Finished with 1.25" nylon webbing
  • 1" Solid brass bolt-snap
  • 18" Length - Stretches to 30"
  • Single shock cord

Our Standard Bungee Shock Absorber is a perfect way to build drive while cushioning impact for your dog during harness or collar work. Overall length of 18" with a limited stretch of approximately 30".

Each absorber starts out with 5/8" shock cord encased in a 1-1/4" Nylon sheath. Fitted with a 2" O-ring on one end and a heavy duty solid brass 1" bolt-snap on the other. Excess nylon webbing is bunched up around the center shock cord and sewn securely on both ends.  This limits the amount of stretch on the inner shock cord reducing strain on the system and producing a reliably finite amount of stretch.

This standard single cord absorber is designed for working dogs at a standard leash length and is not designed for back tying.  The predicable pressure generated by this absorber will allow you to keep better contact with the dog on the sleeve as well as help condition the dog to spring in to the bite.