Clear Plastic Muzzle
Clear Plastic Muzzle
Clear Plastic Muzzle

Redline K-9

Clear Plastic Muzzle

  • Made from durable Polyethylene
  • Double cap rivet construction
  • Felt padding for nose
  • Made for extended wear
  • With or without head strap

Muzzle Girth Measurement

Muzzle Girth Measurement is the circumference of the dog's snout. This is measured approximately 1/2" below the point the dog's eyes meet the dog's snout. Measure all the way around with the dog's mouth closed as shown in the diagram.

A muzzle's circumference must be larger than a dog's girth measurement. We recommend choosing a muzzle at least 1 inch larger than your dog's girth measurement to allow the dog to open its mouth and pant.

Muzzle Length Measurement

Muzzle length is measured from the base of the muzzle, approximately 1/2" below the eyes, to the tip of the nose. This measurement should be taken along the top of the dog's nose as shown in the diagram.

Choose a muzzle that is as long or slightly longer than your dog's length measurement. Muzzles that are too short will jam up against the dog's nose and not be comfortable. Muzzles that are too long will impede a dog's vision and will be easier for a dog to remove.

The Redline K-9 Clear Plastic Muzzle is designed to be worn for extended periods of time without inhibiting the dog's breathing, barking, panting or stress responses.  Made from a durable Polyethylene and constructed with double cap rivets to ensure the muzzle is as strong as it is functional.