Perfect Fit Bungee E-Collar Strap
Perfect Fit Bungee E-Collar Strap
Perfect Fit Bungee E-Collar Strap

Redline K-9

Perfect Fit Bungee E-Collar Strap

  • E-Collar receiver sold separately
  • Fits Dogtra and Educator collars
  • Adjustable for dogs with necks 12" - 24"
  • Available for single or dual receivers
  • 1/8" Bungee with wheel lock combination

The Redline K9 Perfect Fit Bungee E-Collar Strap is a replacement for Educator or Dogtra E-Collar straps.  The adjustable bungee applies steady and even pressure to the receiver ensuring good contract with the dog's neck.  Once adjusted to properly fit your dog, the collar can be quickly put on or removed without further adjustment.  The collar is constructed from genuine Biothane Beta and finished with 1/8" bungee and a wheel lock for adjustment.

To adjust bungee length, hold the spinning wheel lock in place at the bottom (wide end) of the casing with your thumb and pull the bungee through to tighten or loosen.

Single collars are made with 14" of Biothane and double collars are made with 18" of Biothane.

Assembly Instructions:

  • Use a Flat Head screwdriver to remove screw from one size of collar
  • Set aside both halves of the threaded screw post in a safe location
  • Carefully thread Biothane collar through plastic clips on side and back of receiver(s)
  • Replace threaded screw post in collar and carefully tighten.
  • We reccomend uising thread locker in both threaded screw posts.