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Sprenger Browned Steel Prong Collar
Sprenger Browned Steel Prong Collar
Sprenger Browned Steel Prong Collar

Herm Sprenger

Sprenger Browned Steel Prong Collar

  • Made in Germany
  • Available in two gauges of steel
  • Famous Herm Sprenger quality

Prong Collar Sizing

Prong collars are measured by the gauge or thickness of their links. The gauge determines the actual size of the prong links and you will want to choose one appropriate for your dog. The length of the collar is much less important because links can be added or removed. 

4.0mm Collars
Large, heavy links that can be difficult to manipulate. Appropriate for very large dogs in the 100+ pound range.

3.25mm Collars
Medium sized links that offer a good balance between stability and easy manipulation. Well suited to most dogs in the 50-100 pound range.

3.00mm Collars
Virtually identical in size to 3.25 with links just slightly smaller. Only available in chrome and antique brown. Well suited to most dogs 50-100 pounds.

2.25mm Collars
Small links with a greater risk of accidental opening. Suited for dogs less than 50 pounds or larger dogs requiring a sharper correction.

Prong Collar Positioning

Prong collars are designed to fit tightly, at the top of the dog's neck right behind the ears and directly under the jawline. Prong collars should not be worn loosely or allowed to drape down over the dog's shoulders.

Sprenger prong collars have long been considered the gold standard for training collars and this browned steel prong is no exception. The browned finish gives an antique look while maintaining all of the modern technologies found in every Sprenger collar. The browned steel will blend in more easily with dark colored dogs making it less visible.

Prong collars can be adjusted for length by adding or removing links from the collar.  Additional links are sold separately.